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When to improve your floor’s look: Floor Staining Sydney

Aside from floor sanding , one of the amazing things you can do to renovate your floorings is having it stained. Floor staining is the process of adding colour to your wooden floor with the use of colourant dissolved in a solvent. Colourants used are dependent on the type of wood your flooring has, and we make sure to consult with you about it. We have a wide range of shades that you can choose from to suit a particular preference that you have.

Staining a floor can be broken down into three basic steps. Cleaning or preparation is first; next is water popping and then application of dissolved colourant to flooring. During preparation, our team of floor colour experts makes sure that the floors are well cleaned or preferably, sanded before cleaning it. The next part is called water popping which adding water to moisten it up and absorb more colour from the mixture. It can be done or not depending on the overall theme and colour you want to achieve. The main and finishing touch is actual staining, wherein your flooring will darken if it’s moistened; lighter if not.

Why stain your floors? Aside from adding additional more colour to your rooms or office spaces, it also provides cleaner, finished look which makes it very stylish. It can help enhance a certain theme and atmosphere that is most needed for body pampering businesses such spas, yoga centres and other commercial areas.

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